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Well, I did check the cables, plus the fact that media center extender works perfectly (except for the fact media center sux) so I have a hard time beleiving its a hardware/infrastructure issue.

Updates, sure, it happened simultaniously (haaa spelling) on my vista rig AND my xp rig though, so unless they released an update for both on the same night that affected xbox connections...

I find that the 360, since the winter divx update, is by far the quickest and easiest way to playback my files, it starts up in 2 seconds, go to videos and they are all there, that and the fact the codec (or whatever, filter, postprocessing etc) is INCREDIBLE. It is honestly better than DVD if the source is any good. Some of the HDTV rips are incredible. So good I ditched my HTPC because it cant touch it...

I REALLY need to fix this, I dont want to hook the old htpc back up, and I dont want to buy anything else for a looong while (xmas/boxing day killed me)
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