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Being a gamer, and also an Environment Modeler, I can say Crysis is pretty remarkable. I also have no problem getting it to play on my single 3870. Wow I don't get to use Super high on everything. I don't think a lot of people get why. They wanted you to be able to upgrade later, and be able to increase your Crysis Expierence. Essentially they made it so when you upgrade your system in a year, you can upgrade your Crysis expierence instead of just getting a boost in frame rate you get a boost in eye candy as well.

One point to mention, and being a world modeler, if you'd like to play most things on high, turn the object quality to low. Even at low Object quality at any given time you'll see 600,000 tri's. Thats insane. Thats more than just about any other game at high. If you put it on super high its like 2 million tris'. ( tri's are triangles, its how your video card draws every piece of geometry you see ) Basically they engineered it so knowing that current hardware cannot handle that many tri's. But they will.

Cards like these 3870X2's and 9800x2's Will get you closer, having 2 of them will get you closer again. I actually applaud Cervat's idea of making the game ' upgrade responsive ' vs just getting an increase in framerates ( which you can get by just leaving your settings the same ) or you can increase the level of detail and maintain a suitable framerate.

I also have no problem with it running on my current dual core single GPU rig? If you cant get it running thats your problem. Also remember it has had a patch, driver updates have come out. So please dont link me to some stupid crysis test from before christmas showing me how bad it plays. I own it, I play it, and thankfully I undertand more of whats going on than the average joe.

Stops me from making posts about " worst game ever " you really need to go play E.T.

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