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Hey man just had a thread with similar personal requirements and near same budget so I think I'll try to lend what I've learnt. Had 3 threads on 3 forums including here with 176 posts of back and forth opinionating and debate which led me to my build, which could be similar to yours since our needs and budgets are similar.

My final build, has alot of parts similar to yours.
1. AMD Athlon II X4 630 2.8GHz

If you have the budget, the 965 is a steal at $165 since the lowest 955 is $163 on shopbot. My cpu is arguably the weakest part of the rig interms of comparing it to the newest cpus on the market, BUT for your needs its still will run like a bmw for you. You could go for the homerun ball and get a 1055T though for just $40 more($200).If your set on something stronger than a 630 but not 6 core level, its a good bang for the buck.

2. XFX HD-577X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit lifetime

Just a matter of brand choosing since the 5770 has excellent bang for buck. Though skeptical about PowerColor at first, Ive had a person who owns their own shop tell me its highly reliable and he'd use it without a doubt for his client's build. I choose to pay the $10 extra just for the lifetime warranty and the fact that it's considered a top and reliable brand.If it also matters, you can spend $10 more from my version to the 577A version. It just has a better cooling system.

3. ASUS M4A77TD ATX 3 year

Your board has some better gadgets including crossfire capability, 2 SATA 6Gbs connectors, usb 3.0, more internal and back panel connectors, etc. etc. Its up to you whether its worth it or not.I have no idea if its worth the extra dough, so ask others about it. It is a seemingly good board though.
For that price though, should should check out 8xx boards as I've been told they can be found for around $100 on sale.

4. G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB 1600 F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL

same as yours. overinflated sh8tty prices right now im told but what can you do. You can survive with DDR2 mobo + ram but getting DDR3 is just the better practice as DDR2 seems to be getting faded out. In 1-2 years time, since production will have stopped, it will be more expensive to upgrade with DDR2 sticks. Its triple channel capability will not be used due to the fact only i7 boards have triple channel capability. Not that big a deal though.

5. Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB

Cant go wrong

6. Antec Earthwatts 650W non modular

Good call. Not premium but is reliable and useable. For others in similar price range, check out Seasonic Bronze S12II 620w. Its a premium and one of the top companies. Corsair is up there too with its HX and TX version but they are slightly more expensive. If you have the budget to spend, I'd recommend the Seasonic, 1 level higher and a Corsair, level higher from the 620 Seasonic.

7. Antec Three Hundred

Cases are mostly personal preferences from what I've deducted.Most have good ventilation above the $50+ level mark. Just find a good brand, Antec, CM, NZXT and then see which look suits you.

8. LITE-ON Black iHAS124-04

not a big deal once again, just personal preference.

As for aftermarket cooler, seemingly unnecessary since the case you wanna buy has 3 stock fans already. But its your call.

My total bill after price match, before taxes and shipping is, $640. If your willing to spend up to atleast $800, I suggest getting a X6 1055T. Not as strong as the top i7s but good enough to I think be mentionable in the same sentence as them. Only around $200. With that, get the Seasonic or a Corsair PSU.

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