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They dont damage the drives per say. What they do is write FF to all free cells (whether they are degraded or not). This obviously uses up a cell life in doing so across many more cells then a TRIM does. It is more harsh and less precise then TRIM, because TRIM just cleans the cells that NEED it (by basically writing FF to all the degraded and no longer used cells). What you are doing is basically a big hammer version of ITGC...and is even harder on the cells then the typical controller level ITGC. Basically while it is called "Tony Trim" its more like Tony ITGC. As the first part consildates data (thus using writes) and then the FSC /w FF option does even more writes.

In a nutshell you are writing and then rewriting to cells every time you do that 1-2 punch and using up more cells in the process. It is all you can do where you run raid....but this is one of the reasons I dont like raid ing SSDs and hardly recommend it to anyone.
Basically on avg for all ssds from less harsh to most (with trim being the best, lowest cell usage solution):
TRIM > ITGC > FreeSpace cleaner > Tony TRIM. (though the dif between T Trim and FSC is small, neither are really a good idea on modern SSDs unless you have no other choice).
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