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Originally Posted by Varroa View Post
That is the funny thing, my SSDs are mainly used as either an OS drive (with My documents, download, etc moved to a HDD) or as my games drive (with saved games folders moved to HDD as well). I also use trim on all my drives as well.
Sounds like either you have very bad luck, or you have ripple killing them or you are using more room then you think. That or something else is going on (if I had to guess Id say it was games killing them, games read and write a lot of crap while being used and not just to your save game folder).

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Personally, I don't think we can "assume" the life span of SSDs until they have been on the market for at least five years.

The one thing I do want to point out is that several VERY early adopters got screwed. Many of the people that bought the first netbooks that were released with SSDs are experiencing serious performance degredation and nothing they can do will fix it as this point unfortunately.
I agree and disagree. They certainly got screwed....but first adopters ALWAYS get screwed. Doesnt matter what the tech the people willing to live on the bleeding edge have to understand they are going to get cut, whether it be in long term issues or just in cash outlay.

That issue is now moot though, as first gen SSDs are all EOL for awhile. Modern SSD (gen 2+) have ways of keeping them fast internally. TRIM and ITGC are what keep them fast and keep this from happening. Basically with these older drives, if your SSD is slowing down it is because it is in a degraded state and has no free cells. The fix is easy (yet does cost cells). Run FreeSpaceCleaner w/ FF option (or several other programs that basically do the same thing) and get the cells back into a virgin state. It is a work around and is a kludge....but that is the cost of being a super early adopter.
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