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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
This will be the best thing to happen to Apple in a long time if this happens. Apple needs to learn that it can't be a monopoly.

Lets face it Apple is pretty much forcing developers to either develop for Apple or the competitors. Most can't choose both.

I also wish you weren't forced to using iTunes to use of their devices.
It's not at all a monopoly, it's just their vision of the company. They want it that way. They don't want crappy software ports from other company, they don't want to go with businesses, they don't want retarded software especially with their standards: they have -their- perfect world and don't want it disturbed with anything else from other company.

Read again what I wrote. It's their choice to sign with them or not. Another analogy to make you better understand is if you go to a agancy who helps you patent an idea then whine that they own it and you don't anymore. It was your choice.

For Itunes if you don't like it, go look for alternatives in the MacPorts; you will find some for -sure-.
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