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Originally Posted by Deměnik View Post
Too much money
It is a lot for most people (me included), but still a good price for the performance (if only the performance was more stable). Anyway, hardcore gamers shell out hundreds of dollars for a performance video card.

Originally Posted by Kosh View Post
Thanks and again awesome work! Oh actually just curious, did you try to put a 3870 in there with the 3870x2 just for shits and giggles to see if it'd work at all?
I doubt it would. AFAIK the drivers aren't out yet. Anyone know when they will be?

Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
The other promising thing that Tom's doesn't mention is that the 8800 Ultra has pretty much been maxed out as far as driver maturation goes, while this card is still in it's infancy.

Tom's seems to have a pro-nVidia bias going on, or at least an anti-ATI.
I agree. Tom's isn't exactly a reliable site.

I hope that the ATI driver team has been burning the midnight oil in order to iron out all of the kinks associated with Crossfire gaming.
I think they have. Check out ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2. It looks like they've been really pushing those drivers.

Anyway, it's a good review. Thanks!
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