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Originally Posted by AmuseMe View Post
I personally think that this rule should have a bit of flexability for some of the good honest sellers here. If you see someone with like 25+ positive feedback @ 100%, or even a trusted person on the forums (you all know who they are, or who you are ) they should be allowed to have a bit of time to post the pictures without having the thread locked or deleted immediatly. However, at the same time, the rules should apply to everyone equally.

What I guess I am trying to say is that they should stay as is.
long time members with good selling practices dont get any leeway (because their supposed to know the rules),
only new people that usually only have made just enough posts (25) to get access to bst get leeway with the probably most important rule in the rules...?
if you cant take the time to read the rules and put up a proper add then it should be pulled immediately imo.

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