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yup, Thund3rball is right. volt modding is what you are referring to i would imagine. basic mods usually involve soldering a variable resistor in-line with a resistor mounted on the PCB that will affect the voltage supplied to a component, like the core or the memory. it works just the same as your CPU and system memory, more voltage = higher a degree. then adding cooling and so on and so forth. there sometimes are pencil mods that you can do which involves adding a trace of lead across the leads of a resistor to lower resistance and thus increase voltage but they aren't recommended because you lose the control of the variable resistor. the plus side to pencil mods is that a monkey can do them and they simply erase away.

any decent solderer can do volt mods and take them off without anyone knowing they were there. since soldering is what i do for a living (if you want to call it that), it comes quite easy to me as i do the equivalent to a volt mod about a thousand times a week on components much smaller. with a little practice on some old hardware, anything that has a PCB (i started practicing on a dead router PCB), anyone can build up the skills to volt mod with a soldering iron. some will say you need a small tip, some say you need a good iron, personally...that is all BS. just use a liquid water soluable flux and you will be set...paste works too. i do most of my volt mods at home with a pair of $10 radio shack specials for irons and the tips they came with.
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