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My System Specs


Nice review... although I can't see how you recommend the 540 over the 530. A quick check on NCIX shows a $25 CAD premium, for somewhere around an extra 200mhz. That's less than 5% higher overclocking clock speed for about 20% more money, and certainly less than 5% higher performance. Right?

I've used the 530 to build a few systems in the last couple of months... I'd be interested to see all of your BIOS settings for the overclock. It might be different chips, or different boards, but I've only been able to get around 4.1 GHZ with some boards/chips, with 4.4 GHZ on others. I guess I'm doing it right then... used the ASRock H55m, ASUS H55 EVO and Gigabyte H55m USB3... Also, I've been setting the QPI and Uncore frequencies low (as per Bloomfield), didn't realize you could bump these up. Should you start OCing like this, or raise them up after you've reached your target frequency?
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