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all I know is, when my ~$1300 Lenovo's battery died (like actually died, not when Apple decided my battery is dead), they shipped me a new one. FREE in two days. no warranty.
There appears to be no real solution except buy a new battery. what complete bu!!$h!t - this battery was well taken care of, and I know for a fact it works perfectly fine.

I'm going to bash Apple right now. Fanboys look away.

This is Apple's overlording engine at work. you would think that if such a high quality machine encounters such a problem, Apple would get of thier feet to fix it, but no, they just get more of your money if they do nothing. I'm sorry but that's unacceptable. This is why closed systems do not work. You are leashed to the company like a dog once they hook you in and forced to live their ideals. Yes other companies can/are this way as well, but NOT to the degree of Apple. Do not make me bring up the Flash issue.

</end angry rant>
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