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I don't know if this has any bearing on your issue or not, but I'll share just in case. I spent days researching a similar issue years ago, digging through several manufacturer's documentation on laptop batteries. What I found (buried) in several different documents was the fact that every time you reboot a laptop with the battery installed, regardless of whether the unit is hooked up to A/C power, and regardless of how charged the battery is, it counts as a full charge/discharge cycle. So theoretically you could leave it plugged in forever, never discharging the battery, and still use up all the charge cycles of the battery. Most are only good for 300 to 400 cycles, and I would burn through that in less than two years no problem with my habit of rebooting twice a day. When I found all that out, I started leaving my battery out of my new laptop until I actually needed to use it off the grid. Mine is 6 years old and still works like new when I need it. Of course, the mfg's don't want you to know this, so don't tell them I told you.
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