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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Thanks for the RAM comment. I wasn't really comfortable recommending 8 Gig.

On the monitor side of things, I dunno if he's planning to upgrade his 17" 4X3 LCD...
I think he's just a little "nostalgic" of the old days. He's got a ATI 9800PRO. I put it in his computer myself, because I had it laying around. Other than that , he's rig was plain jane.

Two monitors...never though of that. I'll see if he's interested. I'd need a GFX card with 2 X DVI + 1 HDMI (like a HD5830????) too much monies for a non-gamer.
I just measured an old 17" CRT monitor (4 x 3) the screen is actually only 13" wide.
The Dell 2209WA that I'm typing this on, rated as a 22" (diagonal) is actually 18 3/4" wide. So just upgrading to a single wide screen monitor is going to be a lot more screen area to work on assuming he's doing landscape documents. Once you work on a wide screen going back to an old 4 x 3 monitor is difficult.

Many of the graphics programs have a lot of palettes that can clutter up the screen and a lot of people like one monitor as the work area with the second monitor for the palettes. Another use for multiple monitors would be when 2 or more graphic programs are used frequently - i.e. if he switches between Quark/InDesign to Photoshop or Illustrator a lot - everything is open and it's a better workflow on 2 monitors.

Another item that you might want to point out, is a graphics tablet, like Wacom's is useful for Photoshop or paint programs. Not so useful for Quark/InDesign, Illustrator etc. The small ones are reasonably priced.
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