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Default Xbox 360 media sharing problem

I use my 360 about 75% of the time as a media player for music and (since the winter update) a Divx player (I really do rip my legit DVDs for this purpose) and photo viewer.

I had it working since day one just fine, but one day both my PC's were no longer listed, it just said "computer" and "no PC found on network blah blah".

I have 2 PC's, one Vista, ont XP pro, both have WMP 11 with Media sharing tuned on, both can see the Xbox just fine (can even read the serial number and MAC off it), and to top it all off, the Vista rig and the 360 work just fine with Media Center (totally different than media sharing), I can play all songs and pics, but Divx isnt supported in media center extender on 360, and I cant play my own music in games this way either.

I have called xbox support over 6 times, about 5 hours total and got NOWHERE, the morons on the phone have wrung out my last ounce of patience. I shouldn't have to explain to tech support hot networks and firewalls actually work when I am hardly an expert myself.

I have not changed ANYTHING between the time it worked and iwhen it didnt, one day I am watching the Office on my xbox over the network, the next day neither PC is listed...

Windows Firewall settings have been checked, and shouldnt be an issue as turning on media sharing opens up all the neccesery ports. Both PC's can see the xbox, communicate with it, PLUS media center works, so I doubt it is a hardware issue...

I have about 200 gigs of shows and since the update to the 360 supporting divx (plus it plays it so beutifally, 10x better than my PC does) I have gotten rid of my HTPC setup and cant watch them anymore. I dont have cable so you can see why this is kind of important to me. I may have to finish my house renovations if I cant get this fixed!!!
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