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Default Battery Issue Assistance

let me start off by saying I know very, very little about Macs. I'm versatile with computers and I'm semi-familiar with the OS, so please consider me a noob, but not THAT noob 8D

My friend has a Macbook from around 2006 (a black 13 inch model) currently running a fresh copy of Snow Leopard.

Now the issue is, the battery was working fine around the beginning of this year, until a Windows laptop was purchased, in which case the Mac was used very infrequently. Recently my friend fired up the macbook again to the message that the battery needed replacing. It seemed odd to me because the battery was performing fantastically. I'm trying to find out information as to why the computer has deemed this battery unusable. I've discovered the system profiler, the power cycle count is high (~390) but all the other information is skewed (0 mAh capacity, for instance)

Searching around a little has yielded many people with this issue, including a patch here : MacBook: About Battery Updater 1.4 which matches the installed battery's device name, but this apparently requires Leopard or Tiger which we don't have.

to this point I've only done a little google-fu, and I'll be continuing my googling after I finish posting but I was hoping for a quick solution from some knowledgeable Mac users here.

My thanks in advance,

EDIT: apparently "many" was an understatement. it seems this is a rather severe issue on Apple's part! and new batteries are $150?... what a ripoff.

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