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My System Specs

Default What apps do you guys use to optimize PPD?

I am looking into adding a part to the 'Folder's FAQ' with a list of utilities to optimize PPD, and I want to make sure that I get a good list of utilities recommended. I know what works for me, but I would rather get some feedback first.

I don't want to list every possible utility, but I would rather get the most popular of each type needed.

Priorities managers

I use a program called "Prifinity" (PriFinitty 2 - Edgemeal Software) to make sure that my GPU cores get enough CPU cycles, especially when I have bigadvs running.

I am aware that you can edit the 'idle' properties in a vmx file to address this on virtual machines, but it has never worked for me.

Is there anything else you guys use to set priorities that is free for personal use?

My research has found this program, which looks easier to use than Prifinity:
Prio - Priority Saver
Its called Prio, and it integrates right into the Task Manager. I have not tried it, and will wait until after the Chimp Challenge to do so as I don't want to miss any PPD over the next few weeks.


GPU utilities

I use Evga Precision to OC my video cards, as I have Evga products. Otherwise, I use Rivatuner.

I also used GPUZ to monitor temps (I actually use Everest, but its not free so its not on my list).

I don't personally use anything like Furmark or such to test for stability; I just let the card fold for a day or two to determine stability for folding. If you have a better way please let me know in this thread.

CPU Utilities

I don't want to get into CPU overclocking too much, but it is important for bigadv PPD especially.

I don't OC my cpu much, but if you have a link or two to some good OC guides for i7 or newer AMD setups feel free.

As for free temp monitoring, I tend to use Coretemp. I think I used to use a Windows sidebar gadget to see how much the cores were working.

The basic overclocking tools I used were Prime, and memtest.


Thats mostly it. If you have any other suggestions on apps that could help increase PPD let me know here and I'll take the suggestions into account for the new sticky.

Again, I am waiting until after the Chimp Challenge to really try testing them myself.
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