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Wow, thanks a lot for the quick responses.

I downgraded to Corsair 650TX, still on the same GPU but I'm looking into the GTX 260 216 Cores or ATI 5770 but I guess it comes down to preference since I've always used Nvidia cards before.

Also looked at CM 690II Advanced, I really liked it and found a price match possibility to 72$. Comes with two fans and possibility to add more what would you guy suggest or it wouldn't be needed since it wouldn't generate that much heat?

Also, went to NCIX with those changes and so far already went from 1045$ to 978$ with 5.99 ground shipping & Express RMA (is it wort it or not I'm still debating the usage of this feature). About 100$ saved just on price matching on newer version of this thing.

I greatly appreciate the help that you guys are providing!
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