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Question Question: XFX HD 5870 Overclocking

Hi guys. I had a few questions about overclocking an XFX HD 5870 since I have never overclocked before and wanted to get them sorted our before purchasing one in the near future. First of all, what is the best tool to do so? I have read online that MSI Afterburner is good, but does anyone have personal experience with it, and does it work well with other manufacturers graphics cards? Second of all, does the XFX 5870 support voltage tweaks/overvolting? Because I tried to overvolt my current XFX GTS 250 this morning, but it would not allow me to tweak the voltage, so whenever I started a game, it would tear and have dispersed short thin gray horizontal lines all over my screen. I used MSI Afterburner, but as I did not successfully overclock, so I need advice on an overclocking tool. Third of all, if the XFX HD 5870 does support voltage tweaks/overvolting, what is a safe voltage for a 875Mhz GPU clock and a 5200Mhz memory speed? I know it might be low and pointless, but I just want the same GPU clock as the XFX HD 5870 XXX Edition and the same memory speed as the XFX HD 5870 XT Edition, so I don't have to pay extra money . And finally, what is a maximum I can overclock for GPU clock and memory speed for safe and steady performance with the stock fan and what is the matching voltage?
Thank you sooooooooo much in advance as I have many long and tedious questions.

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