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Originally Posted by nickpolyz View Post
Just curious here - why was a thread titled "hehe..." posted by a "Mac Person" about the cancellation of the Microsoft Courier posted in the Mac Forum and now has gone completely off topic for several pages not been locked or moved.

And for the record, I thought the courrier had some great new ideas. Sure, it wasn't focused on the mainstream but it had it's purposes.
I'll let part of the post under you be the answer:

Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
This is a very interesting thread. I have learned more about mac in this thread than I have in the last year. I'm curious in regards to virus issues. The most common comment I hear from mac users is that there is a very low infection rate. I have heard this from both mac and pc techs and users. One of the main reasons is that most people that write malicious code can't be bothered because of the small mac user base compared to windows. Is there any truth to this? It does make sense to me.
And to answer your mo', there's a few big reason behind why OSX as so few virus and rootkits and having the smaller marketshare NOT being the only one:

As I said in a post above, about all the binaries ran on OSX have a signature and all the biggest rootkits and virus that Apple encounters for its platform are simply denied to run at the kernel level. So it's -the- best and most effective kind of 'anti-virus' procedure you can have. Other than that the fact that the market is smaller than windows most people that pays programmers to develop virus and scam software are way more tempted to go on the windows platform because it's simply larger (it's common sense)... and most of them are just cheap .NET crap made by people outside our continents. I'm not condescending to them, I just find that funny.
Another thing that prevents virus spread and makers from doing big business in the OSX world is tied to the first reason: Constant security patch whenever there's trouble (brewing) and also that OSX dev teams, even if smaller than their MS counter parts, are actually competent at what they do so the OS itself is pretty secure even though if some of it's apps need to be rethought more on a security level.

Originally Posted by Neolithium_Wpg View Post
It would be the hacker equivalent of switching someone's keyboard to Dvorak and going "SHAZAM I GOTZ YA NOOBSAUCE!"
That was a shot directly aimed at me neo or what? And yes Dvorak > ye olde hand wrecking QWERTY ;)
It's about the best hardware change I have done with my computers

Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Well if you were a hacker and wanted to steal as many credit card numbers for example. Would you spend your time to wright something that could possibly get a few million or ten thousand? Even if you only get 0.1% that is still a huge number of PC's.

Right now you have to physically want to get infected to infect your Mac. So yes they don't get viruses is true. Make no mistake they will get them as they grow. NOTHING is not hackable. Mac has been hacked and if it wasn't hackable every government in the world would be on Mac.

Also in PC land if you get infected it is your fault as you have to click on something or accept something like a fake virus scan or fake flash update in order to get infected. Also the vast majority of viruses are written when microsoft releases a security update and that gives away a security hole to people who don't update their system. So stay up to date, be careful of what you visit, be careful of what you install, and you will avoid a lot/all viruses.
/me thinks that you have to close the "network sharing" daemon running on your Mac before thinking about anything else like that.

Well for the govt, all the bigger (non security retarded parts) are using some kind of unix for their infrastructure. Not OSX I'm pretty sure since it's not really business oriented but I'm pretty sure that some puff fishes are running and guarding their butts around there
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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