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Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Crysis is one of the most over-hyped pieces of crap to ever disgrace the gaming scene. It is so poorly optimised that there is no way it should be considered the definitive gaming benchmark. The fact that even 8800ultra SLI can't play it smoothly is ridiculous. The game is not that good that it should be basically unplayable by current high end PC's. It doesn't even run multiple core CPU's properly like it is stated it can. The game is a joke, period.
Easy down, bro, haha. It's just a game; no need to get angry.

Actually, I found Crysis to scale quite well on my computer. I was running it at 1680x1050 on medium settings with a consistently playable framerate, and it still looked great.

I found the gameplay to actually be a lot of fun, and everyone I know who has played it also enjoyed it for the abundant ways to accomplish each level (until the invasion, then it becomes a little too linear for our tastes). I loved the gameplay - however, my gripe with the game is that it was a little too short.

By the way, Crysis (and the CryEngine2) was never meant to have its full potential tapped with current hardware. It was built from the ground up to look beautiful for at least two generations, so why you're angry that the game's visual technology is beyond where we're at now is mind-boggling. Should we slow down the pace of graphical-software advances so that hardware can keep up? I think not.
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