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Originally Posted by mo' power View Post
One of the main reasons is that most people that write malicious code can't be bothered because of the small mac user base compared to windows. Is there any truth to this? It does make sense to me.
It wouldn't surprise me if there is some truth to that. What's the point of spending hours writing malicious code if you only get 100 people instead of 20,000? It would be the hacker equivalent of switching someone's keyboard to Dvorak and going "SHAZAM I GOTZ YA NOOBSAUCE!"

On a side note, I've been keeping up with some of the stuff in regards to the Macbook Pro refresh and apparently it has some decent (Not fantastic of course, but respectable) gaming performance using Bootcamp, at least for the types of things that I personally play - I've found a few benchmarks that have BC2 running in the 50FPS area which if you ask me is damn respectable for a notebook that isn't exactly geared towards gaming in the first place. Worth the extra $$? That's up to the user, some will buy them, some will not. Either way the damn Mac vs PC war will rage for a long time.
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