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This is a very interesting thread. I have learned more about mac in this thread than I have in the last year. I'm curious in regards to virus issues. The most common comment I hear from mac users is that there is a very low infection rate. I have heard this from both mac and pc techs and users. One of the main reasons is that most people that write malicious code can't be bothered because of the small mac user base compared to windows. Is there any truth to this? It does make sense to me.

Most of my friends that own either a macbook or desktop are either dj's, doing graphic design or some sort of video editing. I now kind of see what this "niche" market is all about.
Just as a sidenote, I'm not into mobile computing. I have never owned a laptop of any kind or even have a data plan on my phone. I don't see my self purchasing either in the forseeable future even though they're well within my means. I use computer systems at work for maglocks, lighting, HVAC and deep lake water cooling and have a computer at home. By the time my work is done I just want to get home, relax by killing bad guys and blowing s**t up before I head outside for drinks and conversations with people that don't include lol, rofl, or wtf.

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