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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
I think Mac OSX is a great OS and currently it is nearly impossible to get a virus unless you are trying to get one. So that part is true. So for total idiots like some people in my family that get a virus almost every week. I don't know what sites they are visiting but it is like clock work for when they get a virus. So they could use a Mac as that would eliminate that problem. I don't know how they do it but maybe they visit every week or something.
Well it is possible to get a virus for OSX, but most big virus and rootkits are simply not allowed to run on the OS. Yay for signed binaries checking.
In the nice PC world, I think the thing that makes me laugh the most is the people actually falling for fake anti-virus like Security Tools or something like that. It's priceless

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
I think that again, you're pretending to have more knowledge and experience than you actually have. I have no doubt that if what you are saying is not an outright fabrication, it is at the very least an exaggeration.
Well this part is up to you to believe or not. You have the choice to call me a liar by simple frustration or think 5 seconds and realize that you actually don't know me and I'm maybe the opposite of what you are thinking. But this is off topic...
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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