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My System Specs


Well there are some things I just absolutely love about Mac AkG. One is how mac manages files. Installing games or programs on a Mac is so much better than windows in many ways. Plus it installs it in just one location. With windows at least for games it installs something in program files, my documents, and in appdata folder. Mac just in one area and to uninstall just delete the program icon in the applications folder.

Also from my brothers experience it is slightly faster to run games like Starcraft 2 beta in Mac than Windows 7. So maybe Mac OSX is a bit faster for comparable software and hardware.

There are some things that iWork does better than Microsoft Word.

Love the photo booth app to keep kids busy for hours.

The default Chess game on Mac is pretty cool as you can just talk to move the pecies around.

iPhoto is one of the best photo managing apps out there and it is deafult.

Editing videos on Mac is so easy with the default iMovie or even better with final cut studio.

There are many other cool things.

I think Mac OSX is a great OS and currently it is nearly impossible to get a virus unless you are trying to get one. So that part is true. So for total idiots like some people in my family that get a virus almost every week. I don't know what sites they are visiting but it is like clock work for when they get a virus. So they could use a Mac as that would eliminate that problem. I don't know how they do it but maybe they visit every week or something.

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