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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Obviously you didn't use XP when it was first released, because compared to Vista, it was a complete trainwreck. However, even compared to XP SP2, Vista RTM was still a good OS. You, as a self-proclaimed Windows hater, really have no business giving your opinion on that matter since I very much doubt that you have any significant experience with using Vista, let alone pre-SP1 Vista.
Well I used to work as a windows debugger and troubleshooter in a small company for a while to pay my university fee... so for having experience with that OS and with the number of time I whined and sweared after the weirdest problem I saw from that creature, I think that again, you underestimated me.
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG
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