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My System Specs


i have a 680i mobo, e6850 and some pc2-8500. my cpu and ram are 1:1 with 1480/740. my cpu is 9x370=3330mhz, and i have tried 8x416=3330mhz to get the ram up a bit faster, and it didnt make a difference. i have unlinked the cpu and ram and cranked the ram as high as i can get it (~1100mhz with sloppy timings) and it was about 1-3% faster on some parts of the memory benchmarks. not a very good trade for the extra heat/voltage required imo. also, at those speeds some of the other memory and cpu tests were slower due to the sloppy timings.

my system could be an anomaly though, this mobo has been rapidly deteriorating since the day it got here...i wouldnt be surprised to find out that its not acting like everyone elses lol
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