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The fact you cant understand that other peeps might actually want a 2k laptop even though a 800 will do perfectly and yet are not fools underscores my point perfectly about elitism. For some users who DO game (once again outside your narrow perview of what is right and proper and how a computer "should" be used) and are away from home, thus only have access to one system....why not. Sounds justified to me. I know you cant game for crap on Apple is it a case of envy that your 1k system couldn't do it even if you wanted it to?

You are the one who called them stupid for thinking differently then yourself and I am the one who pointed out to you how arrogant and elitist that is. I know I suffer from that too when it comes to Apple as I think its foolish to pay more for a Mac then the comparable PC....but at least I am honest about it.

I was comparing retail to retail. Once again....your math is either off or your assumptions on cost of OSX vs Windows are.

Did you pay more for your retail car then making your own? Did you make your own washing machine or pay more for a retail one? Not everyone has an interest or desire to become a mechanic or electrician...why expect them to become computer experts just so they can use a tool. That does not make them fools that simply makes them peeps with different interests then you. Once again saying otherwise is elitist.

Honestly at this point I am leaving this conversation as you are either trolling or unwilling to see anyone else's side but your own and have yet to actually have any meaningful input on this thread.

As for myself sneakysnake....I think based on your POV and arguments I may give a hackingtosh a go. TY for your well reasoned and valuable input. My lack of understanding did hinder my POV with regards to OS X and their users :)
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