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Default Help me, new build for my Dad...professional applications?

Hi all!

It's a special situation so I need your advice, especially those of you using computers for computer intensive tasks (other than gaming).

I'm fine to build custom gaming rigs, and I SWEAR that I wasn't supposed to get involved in a build for a computer "neophyte" anymore... I hate their second guessing based on others opinions....

Anyway, my dad, now retired, used to be a professional editor for the government. Making custom and official forms mostly and using ADOBE software like Pagemaker, Quarkxpress and stuff.
At the time Mackintosh computers were the way to go (or so they were saying). The rigs with the most RAM and SCSI backup drives were the norm...and they were convinced that this was what they needed, period.

Anyway, my dad wants a new rig to replace his old P4 crapiola. He wants (or so I assume) get back in the groove...not professionally, but I think he needs a powerful machine so he does his picture editing stuff while feeling he's using a monster of a rig...The problem is...he thinks FUTUREPROOF also ...We all know it's gonna turn into a mess.

This is what I think:

-Phenom II X6 1055T at stock clocks (might be useful in 5 years to have 6 cores, lol)
-Gigabyte or ASUS mobo with 890GX chipset (he's not a gamer, but might like to watch a HD content, HDMI is important), SATA3, USB3 and stuff...firewire...
-128GB SSD for the bottleneck removal, impression of speed, all that stuff (money is no object) and a 500GB HDD for storage.
-8 GB of he has more than most, so it feels like "back in the day...I got more RAM than you".
-good case for good cooling, low noise, 120mm fans and a good PSU (thinking Antec 300, good quiet fans and a Seasonic M12II 520watts PSU on sale).
-Window 7 64 bits

Seems a little too much for his applications, although money is not an object. He'll probably keep this computer forever, his actual rig is in service for 7 years. that's why I picked more cores, more RAM, so he's happy, thinks he's got a beast, and he won't need to upgrade down the road.

What do you think? I was thinking Athlon II X4 630/4 gig/785G-based mobo and Antec sonata, then call it quits...but who know, he might talk to some old fanboi (lots of programmers and computer analysts from work) from back in the day, epeen up the hoop, and he needs something that will look solid.

Again, I'm really comfortable with building gaming rigs, but for his "editing" stuff I don't know...

Thanks for reading this!
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