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Technet is open to anyone with an internet connection. Nothing special is needed besides a credit card. By your math Apple sells their full retail NON-UPGRADE copies for about 15 bucks as you can get Win 7 for about 150 (last I heard the last OSX UPGRADE version was 30 bucks0. I think you need to take some more math classes, unless that is apple math. Sp1 Sp 2 and Sp 3 for XP were free...yet Apple charges for their service packs. Even if an apple OS went for 20 bucks...the TCO of MS is lower when you add up all those 20 buck upgrades over the past decade. You certainly CANT use a 10 yr old OS on a new Apple....PPC and all that. /whistle

Id like to know who you hung out with in College as for every student with a 2k laptop there is PLENTY more with cheaper ones (thus the cliche "poor student"). Maybe it is a MTL thing, who knows. As the old saying goes YMMV on that one.

I bet you felt really superior to using nothing more than stripped down system compared to the others. I bet many peeps laughed at you behind your back too. As that is probably one of the best examples of elitist *nix snobbery I have heard. At the end of the day your super fast do one thing only system was good for only that one thing, whereas those "fools" could take it home, use it talk to friends via VOIP, watch movies and {gasp} play games! Those fools! What were they thinking! By your logic anyone who uses their system for more then one thing is a fool with a poor performing tool....yet in the same breath you dis them for paying to much for their systems that could do more then yours. Must be more of that apple math at work their....or envy.

I said Nix wasn't ready for prime you really think grandma or joe sixpack are going to roll their own drivers? Another great example of *Nix elitist snobbery, as you are saying if they cant do that then they are too stupid to be using a computer.

Honestly, if you are an example of this generations Nix convert....MS has nothing to worry about as you are your own worst enemy. This is coming from someone who used UNIX in a business enviro for years. I like *Nix as it is pretty darn good for some things, but by your admission it has more hassle factor involved.

Zero82z's claim is far less ridiculous then what comes out of Steve Jobs mouth on a regular basis. BUT I think his reality distortion field needs new batteries as it is wearing thin on many of his (ex)converts.
"If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe." -JR

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