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Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
The market is only driven by the marketing and nothing else. Just ask yourself how Vista actually managed to be sold even if it was one of the worst thing I personally have the "chance" to touch and even after all the bad reviews -still- kept selling and bloating the market?
Because you're completely wrong and Vista was never anywhere near as bad of an OS as it was made out to be, especially after SP1. In fact, even from day 1 it was a much better OS than XP.
Originally Posted by m1dget View Post
Support in that way is not meant to actively help someone, it is that you are still developing and have software/tools/libraries for what you are supporting. If the support for a certain type of hardware hasn't been dropped, well, it's still supported. The best example is Itanium: MS annouced recently that they would completely drop support for Itanium in the next few months/years iirc with their new release of windows server. So itanium will -not- be supported anymore, thus (I think it's the right work), it is -still- supported right now.
Again, you're confusing support and compatibility. With your example, Itanium is actually being actively supported by Microsoft, meaning if someone is trying to install Windows Server on an Itanium machine, Microsoft will help them get it done. When they drop support for Itanium, they will no longer do that. They might also be dropping Itanium compatibility in future Windows Server releases, but the two are not necessarily linked.
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