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agree with pretty much everything you said AkG.

although, technically, the old apps are supported, although only the OS X ones. The new stuff doesn't work on the PPC hardware, but the PPC stuff works on the new hardware (in general, there are a lot of exceptions). For example, I still use Office 2004 on my macbook.

and m1dget, don't kid yourself. Macs are, in no way, cheaper then PC's. I've got a Mac Pro, macbook, and a homebuild PC. The homebuild spanks the Mac Pro in terms of value. I paid about a $1000 for it. Where as my Mac Pro cost about 3x the price back when I got it. Macs give you OS X, and to some, that is worth the premium price. To others it would make no sense to pay that when they can get more value out of a PC. My Mac Pro isn't a gaming computer, it's used for video editing, gaming isn't its purpose. Your paying for server level hardware like Xeon CPU's and dual socket mobo's that give you no real gains in gaming. My homebuild spanks the 8 core Mac Pro in gaming, cuz no game really utilizes 8 cores. However, my Mac Pro spanks the homebuild in render times for video and audio, everything has its own purpose.

OS X is a great OS, but so is Windows 7, so to say that everyone should use OS X, and that it fits the needs of everyone, is pretty naive.
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