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My System Specs


Tom's had that review done for some time, so they do NOT have the latest and greatest drivers that SKYMTL used. like he said, they were issued just days before the review was set to be released, so he re-ran all his benchmarks and said there were some sizable and notable gains because of them.

while you didn't mention it, TweakTown also did a review showing the card to be a pit of under-performance. again...old drivers.

also note that the testbed SKYMTL has is pretty freakin awesome! 3.5ghz on a quad core? DDR3? the HDD is a bit old n pitiful, but it's doubtful that a newer and faster 500GB model from WD, Hitachi or Samsung would cause significant performance gains. (wonder when SKYMTL is gonna install a nice SSD)
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