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My System Specs


No it was me with my moms mini. I fixed it but if I brought it in to the "genius" bar I would had to have payed money because of no warranty. Keep in mind I am not some boob that you think I am. I repair computers what seems like daily for friends and family and am thinking of turning that into a career. Every friend/family member with a Windows or Mac has had either me or a technition repair their computer. I can tell you from personal experiance that it is far easier to repair a windows computer through all sorts of problems. Especially if it is hardware failure or you can't boot the OS.

Also I find it impossible that you could do things faster on a net book than a $2000 laptop. When did you go to school. By the possible sound of your age I find it hard to believe you could get a $100 laptop unless it was extremely used as laptops have been very expensive until recently.

Also I can tell you one feature that boggles my mind that OSX can't do is blueray.

Also don't rant on Microsoft for making bad early OSes without ranting on Apple as well. Yes Vista was horrible when it first launched but now it is fixed and almost as good as 7. Snow leopard was just as bad as Vista and in my mind worse when it first launched. My brother with his mac book pro lost a lot of his information when he upgraded to SL and he wasn't the only one. The Internet was full of people with problems. Loosing information is far worse than having a buggy OS. Thankfully there are back-ups. (place ad here for carbonite. I love it!)

As far as prices go you can get a Core i7, 6GB of DDR3 ram, 1920 x 1200 resolution, blueray drive, 15" led backlit screen, backlit keyboard, EAX 4.0, GTX360 Asus laptop for the same price as the 15" base mac book pro. And it cones with 3 year warranty for free if you sign the warranty card within 30days. Plus you get 1 year accidental damage warranty. Tell what Apple computer can compete with that? - Buy ASUS G51JX-A1 Intel Core i7 720QM 6GB 500GB 15.6IN FHD GeForce GTS360M Windows 7 Premium Notebook - G51JX-A1 In Canada.

for $200 more you can have a 5870 in there with a blueray drive STILL cheaper than the 15" MacBook pro.

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