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Some weird sht is going on here. go over to Tom's hardware and AnAndTech. I also checked out HardOCP and ExtremeTech. its like you guys and the four of them got five different models of cards.

Your card is roughly on par with the GTX or a bit better (somewhat like Tom's) but Tom's claims a price point of $590 and COMPLETELY different results game to game. Also, Tom's claims the new drivers did nothing, while everyone else seems to think that they had a pretty serious effect.

HardOCP and ExtremeTech actually have it solidly losing to the GTX.

AnAndTech's results look like the second coming of christ in silicon form (it even runs neck and neck with 8800GTXs in SLI).

And EVERYONE gets better OC results than you do!

I understand that everyone uses a different test bed, etc., but this seems odd. If I were an optimistic person, I'd chalk it up to immature drivers that will only make the card better soon. If I was a pessimist, I'd guess that ATI has serious/ borderline fatal quality control problems. I can only hope the situation improves.

Well, great review anyways, and I'll probably buy one regardless, just to get some good canadian engineering for my PC. Thanks.
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