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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
I don't know why these arguments always show up. MS is better for the majority of the world, it shows in their MUCH larger market share. People want more value for their money, which is exactly what Apple is not.

I don't like Mac cause I can do more for less with my windows PC... I'm not a programmer, neither is like 99.99% of the world.. so how is that argument relevant to how good overall an operating system is?

Certain things are good for certain things. For a home/student PC/laptop at a good price, Apple just doesn't quite make sense. Which is why it is how it is.
The market is only driven by the marketing and nothing else. Just ask yourself how Vista actually managed to be sold even if it was one of the worst thing I personally have the "chance" to touch and even after all the bad reviews -still- kept selling and bloating the market? Ads and MS telling people that it is good and "trust us" by simply backing themselves with their imposing stature in the OS industry and nothing else.
Saying it's better by looking at the share just raises in me my good old economically inaccurate analogy stating that it's not because, let say, that 80% of the stuff sold around here is cheap poorly made stuff that it's actually the best, no, it's just cheap stuff that people jump on because they think it's a good deal, but it's far from being true. Sure in the OS departement you don't have a really big choice, but still MS has not the best to offer. (masters in economic don't quote me please :P)

Btw, OSX is about 1/4 to 1/10 of a normal windows cd... so the price/value of the OS, since we are talking about this, is way better with Apple on that.

More for less, I would have to disagree. You can do anything with OSX that you can do with Windows, and I will push it further by saying that you can do way more with OSX out of the box than with windows if you know your way around a BSD system.
The software running off it is different though as it is not part of the OS itself.

I know quite a lot of people when I went to college who had macs and didn't got in that much debt to get them... beside that what I found funny is that there were about 80% of the student in the class I attended who had those big 2000$ dell studio or 1500$ HP notebook, which are WAY more expensive than the basic macbook, which then again was a better laptop than the ones with the dell and hp laptop for about half the price.

I personally use a 100$ laptop with a custom freebsd running on it so I always laughed at those two groups
When I saw those people with the big laptop and I was booting faster than them with a machine about 1/5 of their speed with 1/4 of their memory and when I saw them using their visual studio or netbeans or whatever IDE and I had one terminal running vi and the other one a makefile for compiling and I was able to do my work faster than them it's there I realized that you just need to know -how- to use an OS and not rely on expensive hardware to cope with where the OS lacked.

Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
Support means if someone has a problem, they complain to you and you fix it. Microsoft did not support 16-bit software. They just left compatibility with it in their OS, because there is no reason to take it out if it works (why remove functionality? That's something Apple does, not Microsoft.). Just because something works doesn't mean it is supported. If you have a laptop that still works but is out of warranty, it's the same concept. It works and you can use it, but if something goes wrong, it's your problem, not the manufacturer's.

Why should he pay for something he should be able to fix himself? If I have a problem on my PC, I do some research and I figure out how to fix it. No reason why he should have to pay someone to fix a Mac rather than doing the same thing.
Support in that way is not meant to actively help someone, it is that you are still developing and have software/tools/libraries for what you are supporting. If the support for a certain type of hardware hasn't been dropped, well, it's still supported. The best example is Itanium: MS annouced recently that they would completely drop support for Itanium in the next few months/years iirc with their new release of windows server. So itanium will -not- be supported anymore, thus (I think it's the right work), it is -still- supported right now.

For your mom's mini (I think it was you but I'm getting tired), I meant it in the way that if you don't know how to fix it, let a professionnal do it. That's why I said that they exist for a reason. Those guys will troubleshoot it in a minute and tell you the exact problem and will have it fixed in no time.
"NIX is a classic example of security through obscurity because there is no real monetary reward for crackers and hackers to break Linix" -AkG

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