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Originally Posted by fishingfanatic View Post
Hi folks. I haven't decided when to do it yet, but since purchasing a pair of 5970s it seems that it may be time to consider it. I'm a tradesman so putting it together so be easy enough. What I'd like to know is what I should be cooling. Should cooling the cards be enough, as everything else ran in the mid 30s under air. Should I use 2 separate systems, or maybe 1 pump and reservoir? I don't mind spending a bit more for an upper end system. My current system is about to go to core i7, the case is a Cooler Master Cosmos S 1000. My psu is a Corsair 1000 HX. With 2 5970s,4 HDDs, should I consider another psu of some sort for the water cooling unit(s)?

I would think the system would have to be external. I've seen some pretty cool looking systems but have no idea on them. Please help a beginner,

1000W is enough power for almost anything, even four 480s (Thats what EVGA used on there SR2 and quad 480s for the world record 3D Mark... I think)

Well two 5970's should be fine on a good tripple rad; make sure you have good fans though. I myself would use a quad, but thats just me I would recomend a Hardware Labs SR1-360, a Feser 360, or a PrimoChill PA120.3 - PrimoChill is not RoHS, which means there might be some lead/ toxins in it. I also think a tripple can fit inside the Cosmos.

Since it is only going to be the video cards, I would say a single loop of one pump, one resivoir will be enough. For somethng like that, get an MCP350/ 355, or a MCP655, either way, get an aftermarket top (Really, you don't need one [an aftermarket top], but they are nice).

For a resivoir, anythin really works. A FrozenQ one for style, a basic EK Multioption, or even an XSPC pumptop resivoir for a MCP350/ 355.

For GPU Blocks, I would get the EK Nickel + Plexi/ Acteal, or whatever your style is.
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