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Default How to Monitor my clients and track statistics?

Monitoring your Folding clients

So you have set up your folding clients, and want to know how they are performing, and to troubleshoot.

I suggest a program called HFM.NET. Here is a link to my guide for that program:


You will also hear about a program called FahMon. If you are using HFM.NET, you don't need it as they do the same job. Here is a link anyway to the guide on how to set it up if you are determined:

Using FahMon

How to track team stats, and see my long-term progress?

I suggest the excellent site Extreme Overclocking (often called EOC by the folding community). Here is the stats page for Hardware Canucks' team:
Hardware Canucks Forum - Team Summary - EXTREME Overclocking Folding @ Home Stats

You will also see your folding username, and you can select it and see how you compare to others on our team, and track your progress.

Speaking of do you get them to show up in your signature?

There is a helpful thread we have that shows you how to do this:
Stats in signature!

Follow the instructions in the first post, and if you need help, ask for it in that thread.
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