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Originally Posted by SneakySnake View Post
I get what your saying, but starting a thread named 'hehe' in the mac forum about MS canceling one of their projects does lend to the belief that you may be a basher, and your signature doesn't help: "Death to MS"

Haha yes, steve did have to bite his tongue pretty hard numerous times during the PPC years. He also claimed that when the power mac G5's came out at dual 2.0 GHz that it would reach 3 GHz in a year, several years later we mananged to hit 2.5 before the switch to intel. I think it was a very poor judgement decision, where steve saw PPC as winning in the end and turned out to be horribly wrong. They did however support via emulation the PPC folks for years after the switch. Snow Leopard was the first OS that didn't support PPC.
Yup you are certainly right that they did support it for a couple years. Maybe its just my POV but 5 yrs doesnt seem like enough time to be taken seriously. It would have been easy enough to include it via an optional download or install instead of out right breakage. For example I still use Word 2003. If it had been on a MAC...I would be forced to upgrade to that ribbon crap (I've come to terms with it in excel...but cant stand it in word). Thats a bad example but sorta is where I come from. :)

And I have to say this is probably one of the best Mac discussions to happen on HWC in a long time. Very little fanboi (both sides) and lots of honest discussion w/ wildly varied POVs.
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