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1. Please, don't double/triple post. There is a multi-quote and edit button. They are your friends.

2. Have you ever noticed how people complain that they have to upgrade from XP? An OS from 2001 and people still almost batter MS into letting them use it? Apple on the other hand does what they want. They make decisions at YOUR expense. MS is more in touch with the consumers.

3. You're contradicting yourself a lot. Most of your posts are opposite of what you said before.

4. If you're a programmer, you use Windows (or maybe Linux). Not OSX. Unless you code programs for OSX. If you want to make a square hole you don't use a holesaw.

5. Why do you love Apple so much? You seem like a Linux guy. Maybe you want Apple to send you a rig for being so nice to them on forums (your PC's specs look pretty dated!).

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