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No offense taken sneakysnake.
You to have raised many valid points. All in all its a great discussion. :)
Its that I dont think OSX is a good OS. It does what it was designed to do very well. I just dont think its the Alpha and the Omega like some people are making it out to be.
What I was referring to was the fact that for years Apple touted the PPC as way better then the intel x86 "garbage" (didnt Jobs state on numerous occasions that x86 was the past and apple would never use it? Cant remember the exact quote and his fancy power point graphic to "prove" it). Then when they swapped over...voila. Instant breakage. Apple took a different route and instead of offering support via emulation decided to tell everyone to upgrade or do without new apple kit, and they could get away with it as it is either Steve's way or the highway. Emulation may not be great, but its sure a lot better then saying go buy new stuff. I know that certainly wont fly in the corporate world. Hell lots JUST upgraded to XP from 2k and backwards compatibility is paramount.

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I call BS on your company stuf, from your spec, you look like a teenager who have to ask mommy and daddy for a new piece of hardware.


Working on a project as lead gopher =/= programming. Programming one small slice of a program =/= overall understanding of a what goes into a program. When you have not only programed in one small cog, then leed programmer in one small section and THEN manged huge projects with peeps in not only different cities or even provinces but different countries. THEN you will know how a big software is designed, and the hassles involved. As for me been there done (most of) that and I DON'T even claim to understand all the intricacies as it has been a long arsed while since I word my software wizard hat and knew enough to NOT take on that role as project manager (more effort....less pay...why bother was my POV back then).
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