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m1dget, I use macs everyday, and they're aren't the be all and end all of systems. Personally, I love them, but
AkG and others are raising good points. I've got a Mac Pro, and I've upgraded the GPU, but not nearly as much as I'd like to. It's got a 4870 in it and I'd love to have a 5870. We can't put everything in that we'd like to. Macs do have flaws, and I don't really agree with Steve on a lot of his ethics. I just like OS X.

That's why I own a PC as well. I love the upgradibility (is that a word ?? ) , and windows 7 is a pretty shiny OS, it's just a bit slower cuz it has to cover for so much more.

However, I don't mean to offend you AkG, but your view of OS X is kinda off. OS X is a very open OS, capable of a lot, not a 'walled in garden'. It's the hardware that's limited, not the software. The OS is as open as windows 7 in my experience.

Also they had to drop a lot of users off with the switch to intel CPU's. The old powerPC CPU's from IBM weren't x86, as such all the apps between intel and PPC were not really crossplatform without emulaters (which isn't really crossplatform at all). If your referring to the fact the new iPhone OS won't support the 1st gen iPhones: there's a point when the old hardware needs to be cut loose to make room for better apps and services, especially at the beginning of a product line like the iPhone, were processing power increases greatly over the 1st few generations
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