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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
They didn't drop it in Windows 7. They dropped it in every single 64-bit version of Windows they have ever made (including the IA64 versions of Windows as well, but that's a completely different story anyway).

But you are wrong, since Microsoft does not support 16-bit and has not for many years. Just because 16-bit software works in their OS doesn't mean it is being actively supported.
Supporting it simply means that they don't drop the technology, which they didn't do until recently.
And again, recently is -way- later than what they should have done.

Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Lol not informed. sigh.

Yes you can get a mac mini but then you still need to buy a screen which adds at least $120. Then you need to still buy a keyboard and mouse. So the not so cheap mac mini can easily get close to a grand unless you buy used. Trust me I buy them for people and people still usually spend a grand on a mac mini system after buying stuff you need.

When you boot up a mac and if there is a problem like with my moms mac mini there was just a white screen and nothing else. It was also out of warranty so I had to some how fix it. Well so with no error code or beeps or anything I had to just randomly try stuff. While at least with any windows system you get beeps or a code. So the inferior 8bit piece of crap does a better job than the 2010 worthless piece of crap in Macs. Also you can't really change anything in the BIOS for Mac.

3) Lets say you want to add in your own raid controller, or wireless card, tv tuner, or PCIe SSD card. Oh wait you can't because it isn't supported by the OS unless almighty Steve wants it to. So you can only use your Mac how Apple wants it. Oh and last I checked windows is simple and stable as well.

Also by no means am I saying Snow Leopard is a bad OS. I think it is a great OS and in many ways better than Windows 7.
For your moms mac mini, one simple answer for you: Get it to a repair specialist. Those guys exist for a reason.
And a lil story like that don't embelish what the bios is. It is crap for the past 20 years and still is today.

3) Wrong again. Your answer lies in those two keywords: "EFI" and "Drivers"

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