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My System Specs


Um m1dget it is MUCH easier to trouble shoot a problem in Windows than Mac. If you get a problem in Mac you are screwed as it does not tell you what is wrong. You get a problem in Windows and you get an error code.

Also who cares if the BIOS is running extremely old tech. You don't need a core i7 to run a bios. Although it would be great if the BIOS got an updated GUI.

Apple is crap when you want to run your own hardware. You can't simply put any PCI-e or PCI device into your $3000+ Mac Pro and expect it to work. Mean while any windows computer would have no problems.

With Apple it is a closed system. You do what Apple wants or Apple doesn't allow you to run on Mac. I can tell you developers hate working for the iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. Apple handles that the worst way possible. Lets say you put a million dollars into making a game for the iPhone. You don't know if Apple will accept it or not. Then even if Apple accepts it they may remove it later. Also you must use Apple approved developing tools to even be considered into the app store.

And don't get me started on how crappy iTunes is.

Also Apple is not cheap at all. When Apple makes an affordable computer for the average joe than people wont call them expensive. $1000 is too expensive for your lowest end computer. They need something less than $500 but then they would sell as many $1000 entry level Macs.

Don't get me wrong MS makes a lot of mistakes as well.

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