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So after doing some digging, I found out that even with an older Ageia card nVIDIA has employed strong arm tactics and on a driver level, the PhysX card will be disabled if an ATI card is present in the system.

I've always been a big nVIDIA fan but this is one thing I don't agree with, and sent them a complaint on their contact page:

"I don't expect a reply, but I want to express my frustration with nVIDIA over the fact that when using an ATI video card, I am unable to use a nVIDIA card to power PhysX enabled games.

I've always been a huge nVIDIA supporter, and despite the fact that for this generation I switched to a Radeon card for my gaming needs, I feel as though I'm being punished for doing so.

The only reason I switched from a nVIDIA card was the power requirements of the new Fermi are too high for my system... And because of this, I now am completely unable to enjoy the extra PhysX effects in many newer games. Not only that, but even the older Ageia dedicated cards, which were made to be cross platform compatible, don't work with my setup because of imposed limitations your company has made in recent drivers.

From a business standpoint, I suppose I could understand not wanting the opposing teams card powering the systems display while your card handles the physx calculations, but limiting Ageia cards as well? People bought those cards specifically for PhysX regardless of the primary display adapters affinity, be it nVIDIA, ATI or even Matrox or Intel.

Basically, I think this limitation for users of anything but your video cards is ridiculous. I would be more than willing to buy one of your cards for PhysX calculations, or even an Ageia card, but you've lost a sale in me and many other enthusiasts out there with your insistency on punishing PC gamers without your hardware.

PhysX open platform? Yeah right."

I know one response isn't going to change lives, but I wanted to make sure they know that they are losing supporters when they make these decisions. Unless ATI has a major trip up in the coming months/years, I'm firmly planted in the ATI camp until nVIDIA gets its act together. PhysX is an amazing technology, just don't limit it to one sect of gamers. It should be available for everyone to enjoy.

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