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Default PhysX question in ATI driven system...

Hey there,

I have a bit of a weird question, but with all the issues that people have running hacked drivers to get physx to work in their ati systems with an nvidia card as the physx card... What about the old Ageia dedicated cards? In terms of physx processing performance the Ageia card is right up there with the GT200 nvidia cards, despite its age, but would it work in an ATI driven system?

The reason I'm wondering this is because before the nvidia acquisition of Ageia, it was across both platforms, nvidia and ati that physx would work. And only after the acquisition did nvidia decide to hoop over the ati customers and reserve physx processing for itself, essentially built into its 8xxx series and up. But the old ageia cards are still listed under the supported chipsets in the most recent physx updates on nvidia's site...

You can pick up a dedicated Ageia card now on ebay from as cheap as $35, and if it works in an ATI system without using any hacked drivers then I think I found my solution to the PhysX problem... Anyone have any info on this?

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