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Originally Posted by Full Speed View Post
I have no problems with most kinds of DRM.
To me the problem of DRM is I don't know what it's doing and how it affects your system. And you are never told up front that it will be installed and how to get rid of it.

The so-called SecuROM Removal Took didn't work for me with Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Although I was able to finally get rid of it from the Registry (you can't just deleted it), I'm not totally certain it's not a form of RootKit and if it's still on my drive even though I've uninstalled Mass Effect. (SecuROM is made by Sony, infamous for Rootkits.)

In the class action suit against EA (Spore DRM), the court documents state that SecuROM IS installed on ring 0 (contrary to what Sony claims on the SecuROM website). That case was settlde recently with the proviso that EA must declare the DRM on the retail packaging, in the EULA and on their website. Except if you go to the EA store website and click on any game, you'll only see a tiny link at the bottom of the page, "Product Eulas and other Disclosures." If you click on that, you get a long list of games that you have to scroll through and see what is listed. So technically they've complied, but EA has made certain it's going to be almost invisible to most users. As it's a fairly recent settlement, it's too early to expect retail boxes of games with the DRM statement yet. But that's only one publisher and one form of DRM.

The EA settlement:
Eldridge v. Electronic Arts, Inc. - Home Page

Further, I've asked the question of DRM and Rootkits on the Microsoft forum site and nobody from Microsoft has commented (yet). It's been up for 2 days now, but I suspect it's '10 foot pole' subject.

I don't know enough about boot sectors and rootkits and it's difficult to find trustworthy answers on it.

Are some forms of DRM Rootkits?
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