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Whatever you use the most should go on the SSD.
IF the system is more for games then office, then yup Office, wordperfect, openoffice, etc go on the HDD IF the SSD cant fit both on them.
IF the system is more for "work" then play...the opposite holds true.
Fill it to 80-85% capacity with the things you NEED and if there is room leftover (still leaving 15% or so free for wearleveling) then go to the "wants" and then if still room...the "nice to haves" ;)

I usually have one game installed on my SSD (whatever Im really playing the most) and the rest is for work. Word 2k3, O2k7, 02k10 64bit, photoshop CS3, Dreavweaver CS4, FF, Thunderbird, etc etc etc
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