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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
I don't disagree with you, but looking at the numbers from a developer's or publisher's point of view... it's pretty hard to just ignore piracy.

Basic DRM or not... they obviously felt it was necessary. And six months after its release, on just one torrent website (Mininova) The Witcher was being downloaded over 3,000 times per day. Multiply that by n torrent sites and factor in day 1 piracy as being much higher than that and ... well that's why PC games have DRM.

PC Gaming's Piracy "Sales" Charts - Piracy - Kotaku

Again, I don't agree with DRM nor am I buying any games with the new Ubi style DRM, but I do not blame game companies for DRM, I blame pirates.
You don't really think that those 3,000 times a day equates to 3,00 sales a day do you? Lets face it the vast majority of people downloading it are not ever going to buy it. The point is they are still selling copies of that game and have 0 DRM. I highly doubt they would have lost any sales if they had no DRM from the start. The people that bought the game would have still bought it, and the vast majority who downloaded it still would have. That is for a game that was not a draconian DRM scheme.

Now take AC2, I was interested in the game, until I found out it was going to be "checking in" with Ubisoft continuously. Even though I have a constant connection, I just cannot endorse that "solution" So that is a lost sale due to DRM. Now if I decide to end up getting it, then I will still have to download a crack just so I can play it without it checking up on me. That is the problem, this kind of DRM does not stop piracy, none of it does. All it does is cost sales and upset the paying customer.

Remember back in the day when the copy protection consisted of something like a cardboard wheel that you had to set to get the right word? Now that was doable copy protection, but of course that will not happen because that would cost money, of course I'm sure it would be less the the research into DRM.
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