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Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
There are pirates who will steal a game no matter what. There are fanboys who will buy the game no matter what. You can't sell anything to the first group. You don't have to try with the second. What developers and publishers have to focus on is the group of people who care enough to actually buy games if they turn out to be any good. The only thing DRM does is drive those people away.
There's at least one more group of people - the people that, given the choice between waiting a few weeks to play the latest AAA-game for free, or paying to play it on day 1, will choose the latter. No sane developer believes their DRM won't be cracked - all they're really hoping is that it stops the day 0 and day 1 piracy and pushes people towards buying it instead. And the combination of a huge pre-marketing campaign, coupled with a stubborn copy protection scheme that forces them to wait a few weeks... impatience can be a pretty strong motivator. Whether it pays off or not, I suppose they've got experts and analysts to figure that much out.
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