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The fact of the matter is MS got where they were by being BETTER then the competition. In the Sever world Novel was king and MS was the upstart. MS simply out innovated them into oblivion. Same with earlier IE, IE was late to the party and was better then the last netscape version (that killed em and made it the LAST version). Have they slowed down and gotten more conservative...yup. Do they do nasty things to KEEP their lead....yup. But the fact of the matter is A) Apple is way to damn expensive on the hardware to ever be serious competition for the majority of the world B) apple has to code for an extremely small group of hardware so OF COURSE it is going to be easier and better C) MS works on so much hardware that all they can do is do "jack of all trades, master of none" level programming lest they break older hardware compatibility (whereas Apple has no probs giving older users the middle finger) D) *nix is not ready for prime time and probably never will be. It may be based on a better model, but its to little to late. E) YMMV on the GUI. I think the Apple interface is too Fisher Price for me, and you can forget about getting under the hood via the GUI. Its made brain dead simple and that is the crux of its success with peeps and why Business dont and cant take it seriously.
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